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WhatsClone With Socket

WhatsClone With Socket

by Nulled Radar TeamSeptember 25, 2016

WhatsClone With Socket

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Dear existing customers and future buyers, let me kindly ask your patience for about a week and half. I have a big TODO list to fix all known existing issues (like groups, notifications, local Realm optimization, app’s security and some others) as well as add new features! The deadline is 30th of September and I kindly ask do not disturb me until that date, so I will focus on my work for you!
I hope for your understanding and I’ll do my best to bring you the stable app you will not regret! Thank you!

WhatsClone With Socket

WhatsClone an application that allow to have a real-time chat with friends (Like WhatsApp). You can send and share (images or videos or audio or pdf) …etc. there is a database local to save your messages , so when user lost the internet connection he can write a message ,the message will be saved on database local and once the other user come online the app will send your message directly .Also you can delete conversation or messages .Feel free and enjoy the new emoticons .For the Backend side you can control your app as you want even you can control and settings up the Admob from the dashboard .I build the backend using PHP & MYSQL (i integrate the PHP with Node js to run the chat server ).For the client side i use Realm as database local.

Update 12/09/2016

  • Add search for adding members to group activity .
  • decrease APK size from 35mb to 16mb (use native codes instead of some libraries ).
  • Add admob to the app (you can control it from your admob) .
  • Add some cool animations .
  • Fix almost old bugs .
  • Some improvements of performances .
  • Control if you want use the SMS verification or not from your admin panel .

Update 02/09/2016

  • Use Twilio as an SMS provider instead of MSG91.
  • Fix Messages issues .
  • Fix All Android versions issues .
  • Fix delete account bug .
  • Fix upload videos/audio/images/pdf issues .
  • Update the documentation .

Update 05/09/2016

  • Fix messages repeating .
  • Fix and improve notifications system .
  • Some emoticons improvements .
  • Fix messages disappearing when the other user is typing .

Update 02/09/2016

  • Use Twilio as an SMS provider instead of MSG91.
  • Fix Messages issues .
  • Fix All Android versions issues .
  • Fix delete account bug .
  • Fix upload videos/audio/images/pdf issues .
  • Update the documentation .

Update 29/08/2016

  • Fix upload files bugs .

Welcome Activity Features:

  • Sign up with phone number .
  • Search for a country to select code .
  • SMS verification .
  • Resend a new request if user didn’t receive any code .

Conversation Features:

  • Show all conversation list (users conversations And groups conversations) .
  • Show (Typing) action when user is typing .
  • Show messages counter .
  • User can delete conversation .
  • Contacts Features:

    • Show all contacts list .
  • Invite user to install the application by SMS .
  • Fast scrolling for fast searching .
  • Add new contact to your addressBook .
  • Refresh action to refresh contacts when you new contact to your addressBook .
  • Search (Conversations/Contacts) Features:

    • Search for a conversations by username/phone number .
    • Search for a contact by username/phone number .

    Select contact Features:

    • Select contact to start new conversation .
    • Select create new group action .

    Create Group Features:

    • Select members to start create group .
    • Choose an Image/Name fro group .
    • Create group Offline/Online .

    User Status Features:

    • Show user status list .
    • Show current user status .
    • Delete/Edit/Add a specific status .
    • Delete all status .

    Settings Features:

    • Show user (Name/Status/Image) .
    • Account Settings:

      1. Delete your account .
    • Chats Settings:

      1. Enable/Disable Enter key as send key.
      2. Change fonts size in messages.
      3. Change Wallpaper.
    • Notifications Settings:

      1. Enable/Disable Conversations tones .
      2. Change notification tone for user/group messages .
      3. Enable/Disable vibrate.
      4. Change notification light for user/group messages .
    • About:

      1. Information about the application .

    Profile Preview Features:

    • Show user/group basic information .

    Edit Profile Features:

    • Show/Edit user Image/Name .
    • Show current user status and user number phone.

    Profile Features:

    • User Profile :
    • Show all user information .
    • Show user media .
    • Edit/Share/View contact in address .
    • Group Profile :
    • Show all group information .
    • Show group media .
    • Edit/Delete/Exit group actions .
    • Show group members list .

      • Make member as an admin option .
      • Delete member from group option .
      • Send a message to member option .
      • View member profile option .
    • Add new participants to group .

    Messages Features:

    • Send a real-time messages .
    • User can send media (Audio/Image/Video/Document) .
    • Recording audio .
    • Waiting/Sent/Delivered/Seen indicators to know message status .
    • Online/Offline/IsTyping/LastSeen indicators to know user status .
    • Use emoticons in your chats .
    • Delete/Transfer/Copy message .

    Notifications Features:

    • Show notification when a new message received .

    Design And Animations Features:

    • UI follows Material Design Principals .
    • WhatsClone has many different animations.

    Android M permissions are implemented

    > Dashboard <

    • Show Users/Groups/Messages counter .
    • Show the last new users .
    • Show joined users by country .

    Users section Features:

    • Show Users list and there information .
    • Delete user action .

    Messages section Features:

    • Show messages list .
    • Delete message action .

    Groups section Features:

    • Show groups list .
    • Delete/View group action .
    • Show group members .

    Groups section Features:

    • Edit application name (just for dashboard) .
    • Edit SMS provider information .
    • Edit admin profile .


    Just Follow the clean documentation provided with the project for easy setup.

    For Advance changes, proper knowledge of android programming concepts is required.


    • VPS (Virtual private server) it’s prefer to get Ubuntu system.
    • Have an account on Twilio.

    Demo APK

    • Click here

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